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Training history

See below for a list of notable training and HRD projects undertaken by ECV since 2000.

Last updated: June 2021.

Years Name of Project Country Funder Partners
2020 (ongoing) Public FIDIC training courses in 1999 & 2017 FIDIC Contracts Worldwide Commercial CCM - Austria
2021 International Committee of Red Cross Libya & Tunisia ICRC  
2021 Ministry of Public Works Bahamas ECV/FIDIC Module 1 Course Bermuda Ministry  
2021 Ministry of Public Works Bahamas ECV/FIDIC Module 2-1 Bahamas Ministry  
2021 Ministries of Mozambique Government ECV/FIDIC Module 2-1 Mozambique World Bank  
2020 Lego Group ECV FIDIC Module 1 Course (2 No.) Europe / Mexico Private  
2020 Comparison of FIDIC 1999 & 2017 Contracts Course Worldwide FIDIC  
2002-2020 Partnership with FIDIC to undertake training seminars in Brussels (70 courses completed to 2020) EU and Central Europe Commercial FIDIC
2002-2020 Claims and disputes consultancy and training for Clients under FIDIC contracts Romania, UAE, Poland, Egypt, Bulgaria, Latvia, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Moldova, Mozambique, Swaziland and Zambia Private  
2004-2020 Training in new FIDIC contract conditions courses (60 courses held to 2020) Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Jamaica and St Lucia Commercial JCC
2007–2020 "In-house" FIDIC courses for Wind Energy Developers and Contractors Germany, Denmark. The Netherlands, Belgium, UK Commercial  
2007–2020 Public FIDIC training courses – Middle East Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Oman and Jordan Commercial  
2007–2020 Public FIDIC training courses in Austria (24 courses completed to 2020) Austria Commercial CCM
2009–2018 FIDIC Contract training for Government Agencies in Middle East Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Saudi Arabia Private  
2016-2018 Specialist FIDIC training on contract management and claims for world leader in transportation systems Austria Private  
2020 Public FIDIC 1999 Contract training courses Latvia Commercial LACE
2019 UNOPS FIDIC training courses one year Contract Tunisia UNOPS  
2019 Specialty tailored FIDIC Course for Architectural Practice UK Private  
2019 In House training in FIDIC 1999 Contracts for Ukraine Energy Company Spain Private  
2019 Nile Basin Project FIDIC 1999 Contract training Uganda/Zambia World Bank  
2019 World Bank staff FIDIC Contract Training Kenya World Bank  
2019 RAMP Project FIDIC Contract Training Nigeria World Bank  
2019 Water Authority in- house FIDIC Contract Training Zambia World Bank  
2018 EU Macedonia in- house FIDIC Contract Training Macedonia EU  
2018 Water Authority UNRA specialist FIDIC Training Uganda/UK Uganda Government  
2018 FIDIC Training for annual World Bank workshop USA World Bank  
2017 In-house FIDIC training won after tender Denmark UNOPS  
2017 Training for EU and Government employees, won after tender Montenegro EU  
2010-2018 Private “In House” FIDIC training courses Europe Wind Energy Companies  
2007-2016 FIDIC training in French language (20 courses completed to 2016) France Commercial SCE / Syntec
2007-2018 Tender award for FIDIC training and consultancy for MCC - USA Nicaragua, Ghana, Morocco, Georgia, USA, Moldova, Mongolia, Lesotho, Tanzania and Phillipines Millennium Challenge Corporation, USA  
2016 Five-day FIDIC courses for Uzbekistan enquiries UK ADB CSCC
2015-2016 FIDIC training for Thales University Germany Private  
2015-2016 Specialist FIDIC Yellow book course for leading gas developer The Netherlands Private  
2014-2017 FIDIC Training and Consultancy FYR Macedonia EU  
2014-2015 FIDIC Training and Consultancy Turkey Turkish Government / World Bank  
2014-2017 FIDIC Training in French France Private commercial companies  
2013-2014 FIDIC Training Courses Suriname and Guyana I-ADB  
2013-2015 Contractual Consultancy on FIDIC Projects Kosovo EU  
2012-2016 FIDIC Training in French and English for AfDB Tunisia, Ivory Coast AFDB  
2012 FIDIC Training and Consultancy USA UNDF  
2011 FIDIC Training Jordan UNWRA  
2011-2012 Training and Contractual Consultancy Croatia CFCA  
2010 FIDIC Training Bermuda Bermuda Govt.  
2010 FIDIC Training for Sub Contractors Mauritius Mauritian Sub Contractor’s Assoc.  
2010 FIDIC Contractual Consultancy Croatia Croatian Govt.  
2010 FIDIC Training in French Language Mali MCA Mali  
2010-2012 Public FIDIC Courses Qatar Public ITD - Qatar
2010-2016 Public FIDIC Courses Ghana Public Oasis - Ghana
2010-2015 FIDIC Training Canada DFAIT – Canadian Government  
2008/2012 FIDIC Contract training for Albanian and Iraq Ministries Italy EU Technital
2009 The Ministry of Finance / Forestry - Environment Turkey Turkish Government / EU  
2009 Contract Training for international cement company Singapore Private  
2009 Public training course Singapore Commercial FIDIC
2009–2011 FIDIC Contract training for MCC in French Morocco, Mali, Senegal, Bukino Faso MCC (Millennium Challenge Corporation, USA)  
2009 FIDIC Contract training for Government Agencies Croatia Croatian Government  
2009 FIDIC Contract training for Angolan Government UK Private Scott Wilson
2010 Public courses for Tanzanian Association of Consulting Engineers Tanzania Commercial ACET
2010-2012 FIDIC Training – specialist 5 day training courses Kenya Japanese Govt.  
2005-2010 Project management and FIDIC training courses for Turkish contractors Turkey Commercial Assoc. Turkish Contractors
2007-2010 Training in dispute board adjudication Romania, UAE and Bulgaria Commercial DBRF
2008–2010 Tender award for Advanced FIDIC Training and Consultancy Turkey European Union and Turkish Govt. FIDIC
2008-2009 Video training in FIDIC Contract Principles Belgium Commercial CCM and FIDIC
2003-2004 Training in procurement and FIDIC Slovak Republic EU Ministry of Environment Tractobel
2004-2006 Structural support in public procurement procedures and project management Romania and Bulgaria EU Hyder
2004-2006 Project, quality and construction management of contracting companies and consultancy Ethiopia World Bank / DFID WSP / Scott Wilson
2004-2008 New FIDIC (1999) training course (12 courses held to Oct 2008) Ireland Commercial Engineers Ireland
2005-2006 Project management and FIDIC training Lithuania Commercial Vilnius Consult
2006 Consultancy for Inter American Development Bank Bahamas IADB  
2006-2010 FIDIC training courses in Spanish language Spain Commercial TYPSA
2002-2008 Project awarded by EU to train their own, and beneficiary staff, in EU procurement and new (1999) FIDIC procedures All pre-accession countries including the Balkans and Turkey EU  
2003-2014 Training in international procurement and FIDIC documents Croatia Commercial Linking Consultant
2003 Training in procurement and FIDIC Conditions of Contract for ISPA tender Estonia Municipality of Tallinn and Ministry of Finance Diwi Consult
2003-2004 Training in particular conditions of contract and DAB for ministries in Hungary and Poland Hungary, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria UK government  
2003-2004 Preparation of particular conditions of contract - to be compatible with Polish laws Poland EU Jacobs
2003-2004 Procurement, preparation and training for ISPA / cohesion fund projects for Ministry of Finance Czech Republic Ministry of Finance  
2001 Creation of pilot project for SME's on Balkan road works Albania / Serbia European training foundation ETF
2001-2004 Development of the use of English within construction disciplines Poland / Portugal EU (Leonardo da Vinci programme) Minho and Warsaw University of Technology
2001-2006 Preparation of tender documents for infrastructure projects Latvia Latvian rail authority / KFU  
2001-2012 Training in the use of new FIDIC Conditions of Contract, and project management Romania and Bulgaria Commercial ARIC BACEA
2002 Expert advice on tender adjudication Poland Krakow City authority  
2002 Joint seminar with EBRD on procurement and FIDIC contract conditions Russia Ministry of Transport and EBRD  
2002-2012 Training in international procurement and FIDIC documents Slovenia Commercial E-net
2000-2003 Project management and international procurement procedures for St Petersburg water authority Russia EBRD Mott MacDonald
2000 Training in procurement and international contract conditions for ministry of transport Estonia Finnish government Finnish road authorities
2001 Training in FIDIC procedures for ministry of waters and environmental protection Romania EU (PHARE programme)  
2001 Preparation of tender documents for regional municipalities and utility authorities in Poland Poland UK / EU twinning programme  
2001 Training in project management for road projects in Tadzhikistan CIS World Bank  
2001-2016 "In-House" training for Employers, Engineers and Contractors on International Tendering and Contract Conditions under 1999 FIDIC contracts France, Poland, Germany, Russia, Estonia, Italy, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Oman and Kenya Commercial  
2000-2004 Regular commercial and FIDIC professional training courses undertaken at ECV's Warsaw centre Poland Commercial PBCP (Former ECV subsidiary)
2000 Research and training on best practices in construction sector since 1990 All central European countries (13 no) EU (INCO Copernicus programme) Warsaw and St Petersburg Technical Universities
2000 Training in EU transport policy and co-ordination All central European countries (13 no) EU (PHARE programme) Finnish road authority
2000 Project management for Velikhy Novgorod city water authorities Russia UK government (SEPS programme) Severn Trent Water Authority
2000 Development of construction SMEs in s/e Europe Albania European training foundation ETF
2000-2006 Training in international project estimating and tendering and project management Latvia and Lithuania Commercial BICP and Vilnius Consult
2000-2016 Training in quality management and ISO 9000 standards for construction industry Russia Commercial StPCP (ECV subsidiary)