ECV Training Services

ECV is an accredited provider of FIDIC training courses, offering public courses in locations around the world, as well as in-house training.

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Training background

ECV/FIDIC training modules

ECV trainers

In-house training courses

Leader in training for the international construction industry

ECV has been providing since 1993 a range of courses in management disciplines relating to the international construction industry. These disciplines include:

  • FIDIC Conditions of Contract
  • Management of Construction Companies
  • Project Cost Estimation
  • Procurement Procedures (European Commission)
  • Contract Claims & Disputes

Particular emphasis has been for training courses relating to the international Conditions of Contract provided by the Federation of International Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) in 1999, for which ECV has developed a series of Module courses.

ECV is now providing training courses in respect of the 2017, 2nd Edition, FIDIC Contracts.

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Training History

ECV/FIDIC training modules

ECV created the Module form of training for FIDIC Contracts, offering the most extensive range of FIDIC training by any company.

NEW for 2018: Three new modules are being added, covering the 2017 2nd Edition Contracts. See table below for details.

Module Description
1 The Practical use of 1999 FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction
1a (Advanced Course) 101 Topics for Discussion on the Practical Use of 1999 FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction (Red and Yellow Books)
2 Management of Contract Claims and Disputes under 1999 FIDIC Contracts
3 The Responsibilities and Duties of Dispute Adjudicators and Parties to Disputes under FIDIC (1999 Edition)
4 Contract Management and Administrative Disciplines under 1999 FIDIC Contracts
5 Preparation of Particular Conditions & Role of the Employer under 1999 FIDIC Red and Yellow Books (Special in-house course)
6 Practical Use of MDBs' Harmonised Contract (2010 edition)
7 Client/Consultant Model Services Agreement (FIDIC White Book)
8 Practical use of FIDIC EPC Turnkey Projects (1999 Silver Book) and comparison with the Plant & Design Build Contract
9 Practical use of 2008 FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Design, Build and Operate Projects (Gold Book)
10 Introduction to the Short Form of Contract (1999 Green Book)
11 MASTERCLASS on: The Practical Use of the 1999 FIDIC Contracts (Red & Yellow Books)
New ECV courses on the 2017 2nd Edition Contracts
2.0 Comparison of the 2017 2nd Edition FIDIC Contracts (Red and Yellow Books) with 1999 1st Edition FIDIC Contracts (1 or 2 day course)
2.1 The Practical application of the 2017 2nd Edition FIDIC Contracts (Red and Yellow Books)
2.2 The Management of Claims for Employer’s & Contractor’s under 2017 2nd Edition FIDIC Contracts (Red and Yellow Books)

Since 2000 ECV has delivered training Modules in over 86 countries within Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East & Far East involving in excess of 30,000 professionals.

The training Modules are normally for 2 days and provided both publicly and for companies or organisations “In-House”.

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Public ECV/FIDIC Courses

ECV trainers

ECV selects only professional personnel with extensive international construction experience to work as Tutors and contractual consultants and include:

  • David Heslett
  • Robert Cochrane
  • Anthony Glover
  • David Loosemore
  • Simon Worley
  • Vincent Leloup - French specialist trainer
  • Marcus Theil - German specialist trainer
  • James MacClure

All of ECV’s tutors/consultants are prepared to work worldwide providing both Public & “In-House” courses.

In-house training courses

ECV is very experienced in providing “In-House” training courses and workshops designed for the needs of organisation and companies, relating to the international construction industry.

Courses have been provided for Government Ministries, Departments, Agencies, as well as private sector Consulting Engineers, Architects, Contractors & Lawyers.

The courses are normally 2 to 3 days and focus on the application of the FIDIC Contract Conditions & related subjects such as:

  • Preparation of Particular Contract Conditions
  • Claims Management
  • Dispute Adjudication Procedures
  • Project Management of FIDIC Contracts

ECV will tailor their courses to meet the requirements of the Client & use very interactive methods with the delegates to optimise the value of the training.

Please contact ECV directly to learn more about our training services at or +44 7889 682-116.