ECV Contractual Consultancy Services

ECV has the necessary international construction experience to meet your specific consulting needs.

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ECV track record

Types of arrangement

Track record

ECV provides professional consultancy services to selected Clients on contractual issues relating to the use of FIDIC Contracts.

These services may involve such matters as:

  • Interpretation of Contract Clauses
  • Strategic contractual analyses
  • Contractual Risk Analyses at Tender, Award and Throughout Contract
  • Editing and advice on Contract Preparation including Particular Conditions
  • Auditing Contracts on Contractual Basis
  • Project Cost Evaluation
  • Claims Management
  • Claims Preparation
  • Contractual Correspondence
  • Preparation of Dispute Adjudication Papers
  • Preparation for DAB Hearings
  • Representing Parties at DAB Hearings
  • Expert Contractual Advice

ECV has undertaken this work since 2001 with a portfolio of Government Agencies, Employers and major international construction companies. Confidentiality Agreements do not permit the release of Client's names but Clients have continued to retain the services of ECV once engaged for their contractual requirements.

Types of arrangement

The ECV contractual services may be engaged on the following basis:

A) Retained Contractual Consultancy Services

ECV enters into an Agreement with the Client to provide contractual services whenever required by the Client for a modest retainer & then is paid for services when undertaken.

B) Ad Hoc Contractual Consultancy Services

ECV enters into a similar Agreement as A) above but availability to provide the service is dependent on other commitments.

The contractual consultancy rates for ECV professionals are competitive and apply worldwide.

Please contact ECV directly to learn more about our contractual consultancy services at or +44 7889 682-116.