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ECV Consultancy Limited is a British limited company providing consulting and training services to the international construction industry since 1993.

Recognised leader in training in FIDIC Construction Contracts.

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ECV background

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ECV was formed in 1993, initially working in the former Soviet Union as it changed from a command to a market economy. Its first contracts were in Russia, undertaking training courses and distance learning in construction management disciplines. It expands its business in the 1990s into Central and Eastern Europe, and during the subsequent EU accession period for countries in this region provided extensive training and consultancy in contract disciplines for employers, consultants and contractors.

Since 2000, ECV has extended its training and consultancy work to over 86 countries, from Mongolia in the East to Honduras in the West, and Denmark in the North to Lesotho in the South.


Its prime objective is to assist professionals working in the international construction industry through training and consultancy in respect to management disciplines relating to the industry, leading to successfully completed projects.

ECV is a pioneer and leading provider of public and “in-house” training courses relating to the FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) international Conditions of Contract and is accredited by FIDIC to deliver ECV courses worldwide.

In addition, ECV provides direct contractual consultancy support and assistance to Employers and Contractors undertaking FIDIC contracts.

Public ECV/FIDIC Courses

Training Services


These include:

  • ECV has become the leading provider of training courses relating to the FIDIC 1999 Conditions of Contract and now 2017 Contracts. Since 2000, over 30,000 professionals have received training from ECV tutors in 80 countries.
  • ECV has been commended for its achievements by the independent organisation, British-Expertise for its contribution to UK exports.
  • ECV has provided institutional training in undertaking construction projects to Government Ministries, Departments & Agencies in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Kosovo, Albania, Turkey, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Trinidad, Kenya, Mauritius, Malta, Bermuda, Suriname, Guyana and Canada.
  • ECV has been engaged to provide training on the use of FIDIC Contracts for the Asian Development Bank (2006/7/8); Millennium Challenge Corporation of the USA (2007/2008/2009/2010/2011/2012/2013/2014); European Commission Delegations in Turkey, Poland, Albania, Croatia, Bulgaria, FYR Macedonia and Romania; African Development Bank (2012/2013); Inter-American Development Bank (2013/2014).

Training History


ECV was founded in 1993 by David Heslett who after 33 years of international construction experience recognised the need for training in management disciplines for the international construction industry, especially relating to contracts.

His initial experience was in engineering consultancy involving feasibility, design & supervision on projects in Jordan (Water Resource Development), Hong Kong (Cross-Harbour Tunnel), Canada (Mica Creek Dam, highest earth dam in the world).

Then followed a career of international contracting. Initially at the age of 30 responsible for the construction of the Tedzani Hydro-Electric Scheme in Malawi followed by responsibilities for the management of construction companies in Southern Africa culminating appointment to the Board of Kier International Ltd in UK with wide responsibilities for developing and undertaking construction projects worldwide.

Since 1993 having established ECV with two colleagues from Kier, Douglas Collier & Tony Glover has devoted his energies to the development and success of ECV, which is now a worldwide specialist training and consultancy company serving the international construction industry.

The ECV team of contract specialists has expanded to ten professional engineers, all with extensive international construction and contractual experience.

David Heslett
BSc, CEng (Hons), FICE
Founder and Managing Director

European Offices and Country Partners 

Head Office

UK - Winchester

ECV Consultancy Limited
Treegrove, Northbrook Avenue
St Giles Hill, Winchester, SO23 0JW

Contact: David Heslett, Managing Director
Tel: +44 7889 682-116
Email: info@ecvglobal.com

Regional Offices

Belgium - Brussels

ECV Consultancy Limited
Chaussee de Vieurgat 174
B-1000, Brussels

Contact: Anthony Glover, Director
Tel/Fax: +32 2 648489
Email: glover.bru@gmail.com

Russia - St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg Construction Partnership
4th Krasnoarmeiskaya, 9
St. Petersburg, 198005

Contact: Larissa Polnareva, General Manager
Tel: +7 812 449-4181
Fax: +7 812 449-4543
Email: stpcp@peterlink.ru

Poland - Krakow

M & I Doradztwo
Inwestycyjne Sp.Z.O.O.
ul. Przewoz 34
30-716 Krakow

Contact: Marta Sopinsk - Meers
Tel: +48 12 652-1407
Fax: +48 12 652-1406
Email: ecv_mi@wp.pl

Country Partners

Slovenia - Ljubljana

Croatia - Zagreb

France - Paris

Austria - Vienna

Trinidad - Port of Spain