ECV is a limited British company, providing specialist training and consultancy on the use of FIDIC Contract Conditions and the Multi-lateral Development Banks' Construction Contract.

Creator and developer of FIDIC module training courses, ECV is a FIDIC Affiliate Company and Accredited FIDIC Training Supplier.

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Upcoming ECV/FIDIC Courses

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Mar 12/13, 2018


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Practical Use of the 1999 FIDIC Conditions of Contract (Red & Yellow Books) - 40 Key Contractual Issues Addressed and Answered through Work Exercises

Mar 19/20, 2018


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Module 1

"The Practical Use of the 1999 FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction & Plant & Design-Build" (Red & Yellow Books)

New ECV course on the 2017 2nd Edition Contracts

Apr 16/17, 2018


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Module 20

Comparison of the 2017 2nd Edition FIDIC Contracts (Red and Yellow Books) with 1999 1st Edition FIDIC Contracts

May 28/29, 2018


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Module 4

"Contract Management & Administration of 1999 FIDIC Contracts" (Construction and Plant & Design-Build Contracts)

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New Courses Under Development

Masterclass in 1999 FIDIC Contracts: Two day course dealing with 40 major issues through questions for discussion with answers. Suitable for delegates with some FIDIC Contract knowledge (Red and Yellow Books).

Courses on 2nd edition of the FIDIC Contracts which will be offered in 2018.


Dipl.-Ing. Galina Bräunlich, Contract Manager International, Vienna

"Thank you for very useful and specific information provided during the Masterclass. I liked very much that the participants of training were involved in evaluating and analyzing contract data. You managed again to establish informal and harmony atmosphere discussing very complicated issues. Thanks a lot and I am looking forward to attend your courses soon!"

Delegates' comments on Module 1 course held in October, 2017 in Brussels

"Great & very practical"
"Enthusiastic training for everyone working or planning to work with FIDIC"
"Excellent course & tutors"
"Tutors presentation was outstanding"
"Clarity of narrative provides real & vivid practical use of FIDIC"
"Practical examples helped drive points home"

Delegates' comments on Masterclass held in November, 2017 in Vienna

"Excellent course taking on major contractual issues"
"Tutors are master presenters"
"Very informative covering a lot of contractual & legal issues"
"Course provide in "light" and understandable manner"
"Very good course and extremely well presented"

Delegates from Montenegro Directorate of Public Works (on Module 2 course in Vienna)

"Excellent organisation & presentation"
"Very useful seminar with excellent tutors, approach & content of materials"
"Interesting course with experienced tutors"
"Well organised and interesting discussions with learned, pleasant and nice facilitators"
"Extraordinary tutor, highly experienced with great capacity to transfer knowledge to participants"

UNOPS delegate

"Always enjoy these courses"

Panama Canal Authority delegate

"Very good 2 day course"

Dipl. Ing. Građ. Vanja Podhradski, Bosnia Herzegovina

"Once again I want to thank you for your hospitality and well prepared EVC/FIDIC module 2 course. Your approach and possibility of free interaction between attendees and lecturer is what impressed me most. In my opinion, best way to transfer knowledge is through free communication and personal and collective experience. It is clear that well selected event examples from work exercises book are based on real events that happened in everyday situations on FIDIC Contracts. Awareness about mentioned situations gives as possibility of prevention action."

Isgandar Aliyev Contract Administrator, Azerbaijan

"Thank you again for the great two day FIDIC course. It was very informative, very well presented, and plus enjoyable."

Afrora Striniqi, World Trade Organisation, Switzerland

"Just a quick message to thank you for the FIDIC training earlier this week in Brussels. It was a great learning opportunity for me, especially from your long and vast experience in construction projects. Although FIDIC contracts are not what I use in my everyday work, I found the content very useful also in the larger context of contract management in areas outside construction. I am confident that one day this knowledge will be put in good use. In the meantime, I look forward to learning more on FIDIC and meeting you again in December."

Floris Prager, Planning Engineer, ENECO WIND

"Thank you again for the course, the basic understanding of FIDIC yellow book has proven most useful!"

Luka Nevrtal, Legal Specialist of Foreign Law Department, Brno, Czech Republic

"Thank you for a great experience from my first participation on such international seminar concerning FIDIC. It was really pleasure to get to meet all of you, to acquire some new knowledge and get better understanding of FIDIC taught by professionals."

Sebastien Cluzel-Ewe, Head of Project Execution Department, Kock Engineering & Construction (Portugal)

"David and Tony offer an extensive training programme in the FIDIC terms and conditions Module 4 which is enhanced by their professional working experience and case studies, which acted as a catalyzers for constructive exchanges between all involved. Be assured that I’ll promote future participations of my Project Managers to your trainings."

Contracts Manager, International Consulting Engineers (UK)

"The course was wonderful and indeed we had good insights in the application of FIDIC. The industry is enriched with knowledgeable and motivational trainers like you."

Project Manager, Major Contractor

"I would like to convey my sincere appreciation for providing me such useful Course and important material (especially the cases/exercises which train and expand our way of thinking to read between the lines and look further prior to rush in any Determination)."

Project Manager, Major French Consulting Engineers

"It was a pleasure participating to the very professional, detailed and accurate training."

Administration & Contracts Manager, International Engineering Services Company

"The seminar was like rejuvenation of knowledge for FIDIC freshers like me. I learnt from you that hard subjects can be dealt with a touch of humour without missing the crux of the content."

Lead Procurement Engineer, International Engineering Consortia

"Many thanks for the course, it was very interesting and I felt I learnt a great deal, due to the work classes and interactive workshops."

Jeremy A.J. Willis, Senior Project Engineer, Jersey Electricity plc

"An informative and well run course. David’s extensive background in contract management, knowledge of FIDIC and his engaging manner were clearly evident in his delivery of the course content."

Peter Woodward (Solicitor), Senior Legal Counsel, Mott MacDonald Ltd

"Firstly, I found the seminar both enjoyable and tremendously instructive.

The overview given before going into the main FIDIC clauses provided a clear framework in which to interpret the detailed provisions. The systematic step by step approach with which you took us through the FIDIC conditions, combined with the interactive Group exercises, gave us all a practical appreciation of how the conditions work and the rights and obligations of the parties under a FIDIC contract.

I would recommend your course unreservedly to anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of the use and operation of these FIDIC conditions."

Dilhan Jayamanna, Ove Arup, London

"It was a wonderful course to attend and probably the best delivered course on Contracts that I have been to, and I have been to a few."

New Publications and Courses

Module 6 MDB – "The Practical Use of the MDB's Harmonized Construction Contract, 2010 edition"

This course has been developed for those who are using the MDB's Contract. As with all ECV courses it is detailed and presented in an interactive manner between the tutor(s) and delegates. This course is also available as an "in-house" course for the MDBs, and their clients.

Module 4 – "Contract Management and Administration Disciplines under 1999 FIDIC Contracts (Red and Yellow Books)"

This course is both comprehensive and interactive and meets the needs of representatives of Employers, Engineers and Contractors in the execution of FIDIC Contracts. It provides clear guidance in the management responsibilities and duties of the Parties and the Engineer with detailed check lists and work exercises from Award/Start-up to Taking-Over/Final account. The 2 day course will be provided publically but is also available as an "in-house" course. This course content is built upon ECV’s 10 years of training experience throughout the world and responding to the needs of the international construction industry.

Aide Memoire on Multi Lateral Development Banks Harmonized Construction Contract, 2010 Edition

ECV has undertaken a comprehensive review of the changes incorporated within this Contract relating to the 1999 FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction. This memoire is available within ECV course materials.

Trusted by Professionals Worldwide

Worldwide in over 86 countries

Click here to see a list of the countries serviced by ECV since 2000.

Delivered FIDIC training to over 30,000 professionals

ECV has trained over 30,000 professionals in the 1999 FIDIC Contracts since 2000.

Ranked "excellent" by delegates

To date in 2017, more than 90% of delegates have ranked ECV training as "excellent".

New Contract Awards - 2012-17

UNOPS award ECV contract to provide FIDIC training course in Copenhagen after tender.

EU Delegation to FYR of Macedonia awards second series of ECV/FIDIC training for Public Works Authorities.

After tender, ECV awarded training contract for Montenegro Public Works Authorities in Montenegro & Vienna.

Millennium Challenge Account-Malawi awards, after tender, ECV /FIDIC training & consultancy in Lilongwe.

Trained team of engineers from Uzbekistan over 5 day of courses in London on behalf of ADB.

New venue for ECV courses is Amsterdam with first course (ECV/FIDIC Module 4) attracting a full house of 40 delegates.

Specialist FIDIC courses for Wind/Gas Energy developers/contractors.

Presentation of ECV Modules 3 & 4 in Ghana with local FIDIC Association, to be repeated in November 2016.

METI of USA award of FIDIC training & workshop in Malawi.

Several “in-house” FIDIC/ECV courses presented in French for commercial Clients in Europe.

Contractual consultancy awards for Contractors in Europe & Africa.

Award for Government of Canada DFATO for Module 1 training in Ottawa.

Award by EU Delegation to FYR Macedonia to provide FIDIC training and consultancy.

Award by Larnarka Sewerage & Drainage Board of Cyprus for training by ECV in the FIDIC Contracts to be undertaken in September, 2014.

Istanbul Project Coordination Unit has awarded ECV a contract to provide a series of its specialist FIDIC courses & Modules 2, 4 & 5) in Turkey. This follows an earlier award in 2012.

The Inter-American Development Bank, IADB in Guyana has requested ECV to provide its Module 2 course modified to be based upon the MDBs’ Harmonised Construction Contract, 2010 edition. This course is unique to ECV as is its parallel course, Module 1.

African Development Bank has requested ECV to undertake its Modules 1 & 8 courses for their staff in Tunis, Tunisia.

Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) of the USA has awarded ECV in May 2013 a new five year Contract to provide the ECV / FIDIC Modules 1, 2 & 4 to their organisations in USA and other agencies worldwide. This is after ECV completed in September 2012 a five year Contract for the MCC worldwide.

The EU office in Kosovo has awarded ECV in May 2013 a Contract for consultancy with respect to FIDIC Contracts. This for 21 months and valued at Euro 299,000, awarded after tender process.

Malta Enterprises awarded ECV a programme of FIDIC training which was undertaken in 2012, after public tender.

United Nations Development Programme engaged ECV to provide their Advanced FIDIC Training course in New York City, USA in 2012.

United Nations Welfare and Relief Agency, UNWRA, required ECV/FIDIC "in-house" courses in Amman, Jordan for its delegates in the Middle East.

KENGEN, in 2012, the power authority in Kenya, authorized two weeks of intensive FIDIC training for forty of its staff in Naivasha, Kenya, that followed similar courses in 2011.

"In-House" FIDIC training courses provided for Employers / Engineers / Contractors in Belgium, France, Austria, Tanzania, Mauritius, UK, Kenya, USA, Abu Dhabi, Ghana, El Salvador, Armenia, Turkey, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Surinam, Russia, Moldova, UAE and Oman.

Contractual Consultancy related to FIDIC contracts provided in Denmark, Maldives, Cambodia, Romania, France, Bulgaria, Portugal, Lebanon, Austria, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Croatia, Ireland, the Caribbean, Mozambique, Angola, Moldova and Swaziland.

FIDIC/ECV partnerships

France - with National Association of Consulting Engineers, Syntec, to provide accredited ECV/FICID courses in French regularly in Paris.

Caribbean - with Joint Consultative Council of Trinidad and Tobago to provide accredited ECV/FIDIC courses.